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Autogenics, Hypnosis, Mindfulness, and EFT
     Training you to help you - Let Go of Anxiety, Panic, Feeling Low, and more
     Train-the-Trainer Courses for Health Care Professionals and Educators
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- - AUTOGENICS in groups - "Revealed me to me in a new way, so it’s got lots of layers. Taking me-time only a few minutes a day. So nourishing. I'm much calmer and more resilient."  PamG, 48, Social Worker, South Africa

- - AUTOGENICS by SKYPE - "AT helps me feel my body more vividly. When everything is silent at night, I can follow my breath and my blood and I think 'we are a wonderful masterpiece of nature'. I feel whole and connected." VenaC, 61, Entrepreneur, Northern Italy

- - MINDFULNESS - 6 one hour weekly GROUP drop-in lessons, each one is standalone.  Each one teaches a different aspect of being mindful in the present moment.  A simple skill for taking better care of YOU!

- - HYPNOSIS - break bad habits, get on and stay on the right track "Fabulous, in only two F2F sessions!  I'm so pleased with my progress!!"  AnneH, 24, Call Center Operator, Boston.

Hypno-CBT®In as few as two face to face sessions, free yourself from destructive thoughts and emotions and limiting beliefs.  We work together to identify and develop realistic and achievable happiness goals for you.  Build self-confidence.  Be kind to yourself.  Learn to model positive processes and outcomes in your inner mind. Visualize making more positive choices and becoming happier over time. Be motivated, do your homework, feel better quickly. Change your brain, change your genome expression, change your life!

AUTOGENIC TRAINING (AT), as taught worldwide and as seen at Oxford University, the BBC, and British Heart Foundation, has even been adapted for use by NASA in their astronaut programmesFortune 100 companies use AT to foster FLOW in team performance and creativity. AT is a powerful stress management, self-balancing tool that helps many people who are on wait lists for other talking therapies actually get off the wait lists!  Researchers at the Benson-Henry Mind-Body Medical Institute have shown that regular relaxation practice alters genome expression and re-wires your brain, for the better.  Learn the method over 8 to 12 weeks, develop your own AT practice easily and discover for yourself how well AT works!

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) - Rapid-acting!  Used successfully by the Veteran's Stress Project to help vets deal with the combat stress.  If you feel like life is one big emotional war zone, this technique may be for you!  You can do EFT by yourself once you've learned to use the basics:  positive thoughts, facing apprehensions and fears safely, and relaxation PLUS gentle tapping on a sequence of accu-pressure points and you've got it!  We work together to develop the affirmations and phrases that you speak out loud while you tap on yourself. Phrases focus on enhancing your own loving and natural restorative coping abilities.

Your own BRAIN
wants you to heal yourself and be happy.  GO FOR IT!

GROUP MINDFULNESS classes are drop-in, one hour, once weekly, and you can benefit from any session or from all 6 of them.  This is NOT group therapy! 
GROUP AUTOGENICS classes are scheduled for 8 weeks, classes build on each other. Train yourself between classes, keep a diary to track progress. Training is adjusted to your needs.  Again, NOT group therapy!

If you or one of your clients or friends are on a wait list for therapy, Mindfulness and Autogenics, with Applied Relaxation, each learned in one hour Groups once weekly could be just the thing!  Especially since these tools help many people get off and stay off therapy wait lists.

What about people who would like less disturbed sleep, more focused awareness amd concentration, calmness under stress, and greater productivity and creativity in work and play? 

The evidence-base shows that many people drop off the wait list for therapy, improve their focus, enjoy life more, sleep better, and are happier and more creative after learning these techniques in groups.

These techniques, developed by physicians in hospital settings, have been used around the world for over multiple decades –  They WORK!  They are TOOLS FOR LIFE! No special clothing or postures are required, and even people who have limited mobility may benefit.

"Very informative, and very practical!  This Autogenics course has changed my life for the better!"

Here's what Social Workers and Counselors SAY about learning how to practice Autogenics for themselves and how to teach Autogenics to their clients: 

"I am at peace now, I am not irritated.  Things have changed.  Now that I am taking care of myself with autogenics practice, I can recognize better where my client is needing care." 

"It's like I have a different pair of glasses - I am able to be more neutral, more slowed down, and more toned down. Now I can step back from the stress."

"I am accepting things now, and at work I am able to stay unusually calm with my clients.  During a crisis on the job I am staying at peace."